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Become part of your ambient and a timeless monument in this by early Commodore Classics inspired Euro Shooter.

Groups of BB (buggy bots) and SS (second hand systems) are darken the skies in the eastlands of the old classic park.
Only the local gardener can save our culture now!

.chilling park atmosphere
.full liberty in a huge and dangerous world
.study the park maps to unlock the exit
.become part of your ambient with the brand new "sculpture shield"
.tactical battles and lots of rusty and strong enemies
.360° shooting
.powerfull weapon systems and classical head jumps
.Oldschool action! You have all your abilities from the beginning.
.find all hidden lives in every level!
.80s/early 90s retro style, you will see explosions instead of gore, blood and violence
.you get what you pay for: a piece of software (no unwritten beta access, in-app purchases or commercials!)
.HD graphics (1080p)
.designed for mobile and PC: touch, keyboard and controller (XBox 360 c. and similar; root required!)
.FPS counter for your personal smartphone benchmark

- in development -

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